A Free Online Resource Center for Food Entrepreneurs

When we started Dippin' Rings we knew nothing about the world of Consumer Packaged Goods. After many painful mistakes we compiled a list of our lessons and thus was born CPG Monthly! We made this free resource site for all food entrepreneurs with the hope that you can benefit from what we learned.

Find a Supplier

Search our list of suppliers based on criteria like location and product type. You will find everything from glass manufacturers to flow wrap and in between. We also ask that you provide ratings for categories like Responsiveness, Reliability, and Price. This lets others in the community know who are the best suppliers to work with.

Search for Co-Packers

As we scaled our business we knew that we needed to find a co-packer, but finding the right one was not easy. There are incomplete and outdated lists online but it still came down to talking to lots of people. We have created a searchable list of co-packers based on location, products, and equipment.

Distribution Networks

Sales is the lifeblood of any new business. To expand sales quickly, you will need to get access to distributors, but it isn't obvious which ones are the right fit or even who is the right contact. Our database provides information on different distributors, including areas of expertise and contact people.

Industry News

We mix custom content from industry experts with relevant news from large media outlets. You can set alerts on your specific sector.

Coming Soon!

We are adding new features to the site as we continue to learn with our food business.
If you have suggestions we ask that you add them to the list. .